New Batch19 Organization

29 07 2008

Ketua Batch: Mazuan
Naib Ketua Batch I: Elly
Naib Ketua Batch II: Aizud
Setiausaha: Adlin
Naib Setiausaha: Apek(Ruzaini)
Bendahari I: Mai
Bendahari II: Atikah




3 responses

5 12 2008

bangkang apek!!
apek suke tidor dan bace conan..

3 08 2009

sokong apek…!!!
apek sorg yg rajin…

8 04 2016

That is just a coincidence lol. I’m married to an Indian man and he’s very much how you describe Indian woman. But I’ve dated white men the same. It’s NOT Indian woman woman lol, they are individual persons. I’m white and protective of my husband as he is with me. But it’s because we love each other. He hangs out with his Indian friends and I let them have their space. He is very old fashiones…woman w woman and men with men. I have no problem with that! Come on

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