New Batch19 Organization

29 07 2008

Ketua Batch: Mazuan
Naib Ketua Batch I: Elly
Naib Ketua Batch II: Aizud
Setiausaha: Adlin
Naib Setiausaha: Apek(Ruzaini)
Bendahari I: Mai
Bendahari II: Atikah


Anyone going?(updated)

22 07 2007


Extracted from an email ;

assalamualaikum guyz,

untuk makluman semua, saya terpanggil dan kena panggil oleh bro senior, utk
menerangkan serba sedikit apa yg berlaku pada 18-08-2007 nanti.

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10 07 2007

Al-fatihah for the demise of our beloved friend.. Afiq Affendi… May his soul rest in peace. Al-fatihah…I know this is quite hard for everyone to accept..its quite a shock for me..


4 07 2007

Hey! Thousand apologies for not updating that regularly. This blog has been suffering countless hiatus in this past few months, all due to my lack of time-management skills. Blergh. Anyway, here’s an update for you all.

On the 1st of July, a group of very enthusiastic batch19 ppl went for a BBQ (yes, literally) picnic in Chepor!

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Topek’s gathering…

30 03 2007


Wish you all the best in Melbourne!

Zafran is now in New Zealand.. Univ of Canterbury. Hope you all are doing fine over there! Don’t forget us here in Malaysia!

random photos.

14 01 2007


Wiki wiki

3 01 2007

Seratas in Wikipedia!