This is a site to reunite all the batch 19 members no matter where they are and what they are doing right now. Even though we are separated in sight, but we will never be in mind (corny? ouch!)

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9 12 2006

we don’t have a batch picture do we? its like , we have so many other pics but we don’t have a pic in which all of us are included. hmm..

14 01 2007

aku sokong john…gambar berlambak2…tp takder satu pun gambar2 satu batch

19 07 2007

kal0 nak gmbar 1 batch, marilah kite bereuni0n!!!!!
hehe t0l x??? (^;^)

21 07 2007

macam x idup je aku kat frenset pun lebih kurang gak…

23 07 2007

ko nak hidup camne zarul? haha.. gerak2? adoi bosan sungguh cuti ni! cepat la habis! reunion2??!

19 12 2007
afq nzrddn

steady la batch akuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!

19 01 2008
asmiza azmi

klu ade papehal,informla kt sume..lg satu,fs batch kite cm x xtive pon..nape?sape admin die??

3 04 2009

2009… Batch 19,gerak2!!
da 3 thn camni jerk

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