A Brief History of Batch19

It was a morning as normal as any other could be, or more hopeful, it was.Being strangers to each other, the journey started as rapid as one could imagine.It was the 19th day of the first month.That day, we were officially crowned ;Batch19.It started with a few bangs here and there, supposedly, as any other new comers would.The boys and girls, were still small kids with only joy in mind.It was fun, as some of us would say.Some just couldn’t play along.A few left the uprising challenges, but more came to filled the vacancies,a bit later on, of course,and given the name ‘second intake’.Still young, we yet established our existence.It was still early.No doubt.But there were awfully lots of stories to tell. Wanna hear some??Probably this job suits those who had first hand experience.Extremely a lot.Incredibly unbelievable,the year passed by,though nothing had change much.Our empty souls, were then jam packed with adrenaline.The enthusiasm to move forward…Knowledge spun itself humongous webs threading each of us…. Features of wise men began to shift in place,well,of course, women too.Then.It would be a short break,unforeseen..it meant a period which we boasted with ourselves…

Of course, the second year in the journey didn’t quite start in the morning.Well, for some us did. As we got used to our life in hostel, things dropped down a little.The haze began to settle and the sun peeled every last energy it had.We saw things more clearly then.Life turned into scheduled routine.As boring as it sounds,it was tedious indeed and was the same like the year before.Woke up early,schools,preps,swish swash,clothes to wash,‘hi’ and ‘hei’,exams;pretty much,nothing changed.The only things visible to see were teachers and books.Well,actually, there were few more things that changed. Come on,we were 14,some of us didn’t even need to be 14 to change ‘the’ thing,specifically,that thing,you know..Still, as we drew another branch in our own Lifetree, we faced hurdles and little more non-like-able stuff.Frankly, there’s no need to talk about that.The main thing is…we are batch19.We did, though offensively and occasionally,some crazy stuff that kept us going.It had batch19 stamped all over it.Got it?Simply saying,batch 19 is all about our ups and downs.Trying to smuggle something else???Sorry,this is no place for ya,mate.They say that tide is controlled by the movement of the moon.Surely right.Proven scientifically,and taught to children all over the world.And so did ours,only that it had nothing to do with the moon or the sun or the star or…u know,the cosmic power.The rollercoaster ride ended with another short holiday.And yes, of course,time for growing up…

Third year.Yeeehaaaa!!Wuhoo!!.Totally the most important part of that year came later on, almost at the end of the year.Well, actually not almost. It was somewhere between the mid and end or the year.Well, can call it a bit after the mid part,up to your judgment.It was PMR,our real first test since we were united to form this bunch of extraordinary people.Things seemed hasty and rejuvenated.That year was all about PMR, as what people said it should be 24/7,it was all about the test.Well, there’s no sense telling lies,it wasn’t 100 percent about the test,we were still involved in lots of non-academic area..better skip that part.Took us wonders by wonders, just to make things seemed good, we shocked ourselves and the teachers and other students and…those who were shocked.The best result ever,wow!!!Not bad…not bad at all.We drew attention straight towards us.Not only that we were and, are,and will always be smart aka intelligent aka brilliant aka have very good set of brains, there were other things that make us famous or better marked in-famously famous or in simple word-notorious.Either way, we are the best in any field involved.And that wrapped our third year,of course,another break…

4th year aka honey moon year (the teacher loved to call it this term,perhaps they had the drive for honey moon at this time around?,perhaps not,who knows…).Things started to change from that point onwards,division..,better known as ‘what class would you take?? Bio or Techno??’.And don’t forget the new comers as our franchise expanded a little bit more that year.Welcome.Known as the new form 4, directly translated from ‘form 4 baru’, they fitted in just fine.And so the journey resumed.Little bumps here and there,as usual.Ironically, things got a little faster than we thought.Someone must had cast haste spells on us.Almost at the breaking point,things began to settle down,again.After a few minor adjustments and some major ones,perhaps…There’s not much to say about that period of time,unless there’s someone who is interested in knowing men and women who had became really fine men and women,yup,really fine.Come on…16, we were grown ups then,what would you expect?Compared to the time when we were 13,nothing much to say about our 4th year,It just come and goes,wuussh….just like that…probably, it was overshadowed by our 5th year.And the break started…

Ourlast year,the year of joy pouring our pathway.Tuned into so fine men and women we were.But, it was still the year varnished with tears.The last coating of this voyage was painted gloomed.The war began as soon as the first bell rang.All eyes were set on SPM.This time, it was for real,or was it still not?Nonetheless, we still bothered about a few things that we couldn’t resist,yup,back to square one,come on, we are teenagers…Our daily routine though it had changed pretty much to suit the vibrant life of our 17 years old soul but no one seemed to care.We were overwhelmed by the fact that our life would hindered or flourished by the way we end the journey.We shocked others by winning this and that.But then, still roaming on the throne,we jealously guarded all life lines there were.We sank almost every hope for the rest to be the best.Well,there goes the joy ride,It was time to get serious,SPM!It was our future..although many of us didn’t get bothered by it soon enough.But things went well,I supposed.We did the exams with all the might and courage we could mustered.And as for the throne,well,we planned to keep it,perhaps for a sublimely long time.Amin..Then what??? We would be separating into our own special corner,but before that, surely, tears and tears,mostly sheilas.The journey ended..But it was us, Batch19- A history…


8 responses

26 04 2006
alfian hashim

great write up…
most of us having the same experience if you’re ex-seratas.
just time make us appart.
anyway, keep the good work.
make more trips to school to guide/assist our bro’s & sis’s in their future
join seratas alumni…make the alumni strong&bigger.maybe one day we will be much better that mcoba & staroba…

alfian hashim Seratas 82/88

30 05 2006
Mior Hazman Nasharuddin

great write up!!… hahaha.. great writeup!!
ahemm.. i mean.. great write up….

25 12 2006
Syahmi Ishak

it’s a very great effort by a very great friend to make sure that a very great batch will never be forgotten…great write up>

8 01 2007
Mior Hazman Nasharuddin

i would luv 2 c a sequel 2 this essay, if i can call it dat. anybody with that lil tiny bit of free time, care enuf 2 do it?

4 07 2007

maybe u can do it!?

21 07 2007
badol hehehe

nice writing, very nice … emm but i can’t understand, huhu

22 07 2007

write more…..so nostalgic…even as a form4 baru…..

17 12 2011

wei….teringat aku time sek dulu…

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