4 07 2007

Hey! Thousand apologies for not updating that regularly. This blog has been suffering countless hiatus in this past few months, all due to my lack of time-management skills. Blergh. Anyway, here’s an update for you all.

On the 1st of July, a group of very enthusiastic batch19 ppl went for a BBQ (yes, literally) picnic in Chepor!


Tajul, Red, Sapez and Harez bought the raw stuffs like chickens, sausages, fishcakes and fishballs ( wait a sec, can anyone tell me who’d include fishcakes in their BBQ? This is surely the first for me )… Al, Hamzari and Syidi brought the plastic plates and the rest…

We tried to start the fire for about two hours…this is mostly due to the fact that we forgot to bring any sort of rubber to ignite the fire. Haiz. We ended up throwing every thing visible into the fire ( read: dry leaves, deflated plastic ball(?) )….Haha!


At about 12pm we managed to cook the first batch of the stuff we brought. They were 3 batches and at the end of the picnic we were more than full.. And we paid for Rm6 only! Surely an amount of money everyone would crave for for a BBQ this adequately prepared.

Here are what our food looked like!


We had lots of fun and lots of picture-taking sessions! Here are some random pictures for all of you.


Nah, we didn’t stay in the chalets. Those are just for pictures’ sake. We’ll be glad if anyone would like to join us in the future. The more the merrier! or We might as well have a batch gathering there!! The entrance is free anyway!




3 responses

9 07 2007


23 07 2007

korang babi…
aku g sane mcm2 hal…
elok aku balik mcm2 camping ade..
red palat

16 08 2007

klu ade tajul join, mesti berlaku gejala x sihat…haha

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