Mr Just One Singh!

9 12 2006


Here’s a couple of pics of a small gathering we had on some sunny day early this month.

MR. ‘JUST ONE SINGH’, Still remember him!?


Yes, the pic is purposedly re-sized that way as to keep his overgrown perut well hidden. But to no avail, of course.HAHA

And a pic of us.


Al is doing A-levels at KYUEM, Akmal is on his way to become a lawyer at UiTM,Dave is doing petroleum engineering under Petronas at UTM Skudai and Zafran has just finished his A-levels ( Damn lucky la this fella. I ain’t finishing til next June! ). Notice the fake smile of his. He’s a v worried man inside. Results sometime in January.

He and Topek would be saying gud bye to M’sia and us,yes, February. Zafran to New Zealand while Topek to Australia. Good Luck!




5 responses

12 12 2006
Farid Halim

weiii gathering tak ajak aku…
hahaha.. camner korang skang…..

13 12 2006

ok kitorang ajak..jom minggu dpn main bowl! hahaha..ko datang gak takk kire! kitorang ok.tak la sejuk sangat msia.

18 12 2006
Farid Halim

bole2 no hal nyer.. petang ni jugak aku berenang balik M’sia…
Wei ko ade byk ke gambar2 kat sekolah dulu…. upload la lagi banyak2 ….hehhehe..

p/s: Rindu nasi lemak Pak Lah.

18 12 2006

takde la byk sangat..nnt aku upload..ok sila2 la berenang kat sni yer..

ps: pak lah! huhu..rindu gak nasi goreng telur bomba! suhaimi!!

18 12 2006
Arez =_=

zafran rajin bekerja time cuti… =_=

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