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11 02 2006

It is very nice to witness this site has been percolated to (almost) half of the batch in just a few weeks. Thanks for your support and encouragement. It is due to my abysmal knowledge that i had placed our friends in their residing places wrongly, thus do forgive me for such ignorance. I have made amend on the list of Batch19 Whereabouts, feel free to check and recorrect if anything’s still not in its place.

Lets start a new agenda !

Why don’t we share some stories of our new studying place? You can make a short and precise description about your current infatuation or anything related to your life. For example topek, you can tell us about your three-time assignment-topic-rejection by your supervisor. Haha,kidding. But such gossips would be nice right? At least, we get to know each other’s development. Moreover, it would be better if you could put some pictures inside with some inscription describing them. Definitely, we would love to know how you are acclimatizing with the novel climate and new surroundings. Lest to not burden you, feel free to write in any form of writings, whether in malay or english or tamil or chinese or french or japanese or… you get the point…

Allright, if you have anything to write about your new place and life, please feel free to email me at dizhalfa[at]gmail.com .Thanks a lot ! Lets keep each other abreast !




One response

21 02 2006

ive passed my exam…
i am damn happy…

i may proceed to the next level…

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