Of Video and Adieu

4 02 2006

Testing for a video (funny looking at this vivacous guys…) and i hope it works.Anyway, i’m heading back to college in 20 hours time, so it is of my duly obligation to express my endless gratitude to you guys who visited this site. Do be informed that i’m not going to update the site that frequent by virtue of perusal and stuffs. And yes, anyone wants to write in here? I’ll give yeh the username and password.

Until the next post,( i don’t have the slightest idea when its gonna be, maybe tomorrow or maybe next month ) enjoy your life and may this Awal Muharram sends an array of wisdom and Godspeed to yeh all. I bid you adieu.




3 responses

5 02 2006

hye! cool batch eh korang…keep up the good work ! whats wif the design anyway? pitch black? ahaks..buhbye !

5 02 2006

what the hell was that????

6 10 2006

yup..pekejadahnye 2..adakah itu tajudin yg overxcitd??x sangka!

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