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3 02 2006

Pasca Awards Day IIIPasca Awards Day II4Z 03Set One 03F2?

Here’s the debut of Batch19 old school photos!(tho those two on the left are not that old school enough) O the indelibly scintillating memories! Hope that our paths would be intertwined again one day.




7 responses

24 02 2006

tambah lagi gmba…lg byk gamba aku lg bes…hahah

4 06 2006

tak aci!!!!!!boh le gamba aku gaks!!!hehe

21 06 2006

nak bg latest gambo…kat saper???

23 06 2006

owh..bagi kat address ni ok tak? dizhalfa@gmail.com

26 12 2006

al tlg wat satu web album utk pic2 yg lama & latest

5 01 2007

nak wat tapi cam xde mase..plus internet connection cam slow giler skrang..so not anytime soon..stay tune!>.uhuh

16 07 2007
N i E N a

if ktRg ley upLoad sendrI coOl gak..

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