Batch 19 – Revamped !

31 01 2006

Assalamualaykum and a very blessed new year to all .

A brand new year suffused me with an effusive emotion of retrospect. Everything has started to converge into definite shape of thoughts right now. The thoughts of those five years in a Seratas with a batch composed of an assortment of students ranging from the delinquents, and of course, the dears, really made me woke up with a start. I really have to do something for the batch to stay united and connected. Last night, i planned up with Zarul about this blog and the possible design but we have yet arrived in a steady state of conclusion. Zest of infatuation for the batch seeped into my mind and i thought i should give a headstart to this site. O Batch 19, please be informed that i ( and Zarul ) are trying our best to keep us attached and abreast about each other’s whereabouts and stories.

Do frequent this site eventhough its not likely to be updated in a daily basis, you know, study and stuffs ( yuck! ) Until then. G’luck guys in your current and future endeavours !




23 responses

31 01 2006

testing !

31 01 2006

hye ! cool new blog for the batch !

1 02 2006

website yg sungguh kacak!!tahniah!!

3 02 2006

hey wads up n wads wrong.
wads up wif dis new blog, and wads wrong wif d ‘ol one?

3 02 2006

Hey hey look who’s here ! Make way for nodie ! =) kiddin..
Its been a long time since i last called you ‘Nod’ ..oh. ‘gemuQs’ sounds better right? hikhik..=P Sihat kah anda??

Anyway, if im not mistaken there’s no ‘ol blog to begin with. This is the only blog that we have. oh, i think you mean the website eh? Sure, it’s still on the run, but blog is easier to maintain since we don’t have to mingle with html stuffs. And yes, to follow the trend. Its a bloggie blog world out there. Wuhuu.

Weh nod ! Wanna post something in here?

4 02 2006

always lovin
g u guys…

4 02 2006

yea Man, glad you made it here. we miss/love ya too.. (uhuk)

5 02 2006

wow!mari meramaikan website ni..chayunk korunk…mwah~

5 02 2006


6 02 2006

im glad that i am one of this batch…
proud of you guys n myself surely…..

7 02 2006

pehal ni!!??? adeh2 fuh2 aku sambut bulan!!!MwuHAHAhahHA

7 02 2006

wAwA..nape tak meriah nih????????cHaiyuK!!!

10 02 2006

cool la gak!!

12 02 2006

Ni pekes lak nih????pepehal pun,aku kasi tabik spring a kt u all cz ade effort nk wat ni,keep on rock’in dudE!!!Burrpp..

14 02 2006

ko nih tak abes2 la sab…
dah2 benti jadi rock… hahahahaha…
jadi ayu2 plak… berubah sket…
jadi manusie kte takleh brade di takuk yg same…
ngeh ngeh ngeh….

15 02 2006
aNiEs cite skrang?nape senyap ajerk..bile nak berkumpul ni..gathering ker?

15 02 2006

ermm..gathering?? kene plan skit..beduak kyuem bulan 5 ade exam…budak2 korea ( ikut kate syidi ) mungkin balik bulan 8 ni… bulan 8 ni budak2 US( hawe farid) fly…. so…….so….ntah.

19 02 2006

ehehhe…nice gak….
luv u all…..

24 02 2006

comei la weh…

24 02 2006
ennie lagi

asal mcm tak ramai oang ksk komen..ader yg tak tau ker???aku pn bru tau hari ni sebnrnyer…hehe.jgn mrah ek…

26 02 2006

ahaks..!! takpe2…bagi tau smua orang!! ..uhuh..ade pape cadangan ke nak buat dengan web ni…??? bagi2..aku dah kering!

26 02 2006

thanks guys@girls for visiting!! u all rawk!!

27 02 2006

aiiiiiiiiii…pe kabo sume?
aku bru je tau ade web ni.
arap korang igt aku lg bye

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